Bilateral Netting Agreement Lma

Bilateral Netting Agreement LMA: What You Need to Know

A Bilateral Netting Agreement (BNA) is a legal arrangement between two parties or counterparties that allows them to offset their mutual financial obligations and settle the remaining amount. The Loan Market Association (LMA), a trade association for the syndicated loan market, has introduced a standard form of BNA called the LMA BNA.

The LMA BNA is used in syndicated loan transactions where multiple lenders provide funds to a borrower. In such transactions, the borrower may have multiple financial obligations to each lender, such as interest payments, principal repayments, and fees. A BNA allows the borrower and lenders to reduce their exposure to each other by netting out their obligations and settling the remaining amount, rather than each party having to make individual payments to each other.

Benefits of LMA BNA:

1. Cost and time-efficient: A BNA reduces the number of payments required, resulting in lower transaction costs and less administrative work. It also saves time as the settlement is done automatically.

2. Risk reduction: A BNA reduces the risk of counterparty default and settlement risk. If one party defaults, the other party can offset the amount due by settling the net amount. This reduces the exposure of both parties.

3. Better liquidity management: A BNA allows parties to manage their liquidity by offsetting their obligations, which can help them maintain their necessary cash flows. This is particularly beneficial for financial institutions that manage large portfolios of loans.

Key features of LMA BNA:

1. Close-out netting: This feature allows parties to settle their obligations in the event of a default or termination. The close-out netting means the value of the obligations is determined at the time of default or termination, and the net amount is settled.

2. Multicurrency: The LMA BNA allows parties to net out their obligations in different currencies. This can be particularly beneficial in international transactions.

3. Automatic settlement: The LMA BNA has an automatic settlement feature that ensures the net amount is settled automatically, reducing the risk of manual errors.


The LMA BNA is a valuable tool in the syndicated loan market, allowing parties to manage their financial obligations efficiently and reducing counterparty risk. It is a standard form that provides a consistent framework for bilateral netting agreements, making it easy to use and understand for parties involved in the loan market. With its cost and time-efficient features, the LMA BNA is a valuable addition to the financial industry.

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